In 1997, as a 16-year old guy, I started my career as a graffitti writer. After umpteen trainings and many interstations, I finished my training as a designer in 2004. By the daily contact with images I get inspired to create images myself. I started taking pictures in may 2004 with the Canon Digital Rebel after saving my money for a long time. I shot about 20000 digital pics in only 7 months. In november 2004 I moved with a used Bronica SQ-A to the analogue mediumformat, while searching for a better upshot and clearer concentration on good motives by reducing the junk.

I get inspired by many usual and unusual things, and many popular and unpopular photographers. For example I like the style of Naomi Harris, Tony Ward, Terry Richardson or Cellina von Mannstein… After initial orientation problems i would like to incorporate my style between unconventional Street-, Documental- and Fashionphotography, but also mundane and trashy motives appeal a special fascination to me. My upshot is affected by the urban environment, the nature is acting as a counterbalance. I shoot mostly with available and tungsten light depending on the situation and the concept.

In 2004 I started my first fotoblog, named Haris Pilton, which was nothing else than the artist name which I was publishing my images under. The name shouldn’t be a concept, a programm or an antiprogramm, but rather the expression of my mental scope. In 2008 I decided to change my name to Nörd and bury the Haris Pilton thing. In 2012 i decided to do an update again, from now on i am publishing under my real name Jan Fervers. While i hadn’t the time to shot photos like i would, the X-Pro 1 is forcing me to go out and shoot some nice stuff again.

Digital: Fuji X-Pro 1 with XF 18mm, 35mm, 60mm.
Analog: Bronica SQ-A, Rollei 35.
Film: Kodak Portra NC 160, 400; Agfa RSXII 100,  Ilford FP4 125.

Publications @
JPG Magazine, File Magazine, New Space Gallery, Mooncruise

Old projects (25.10.2012 – offline after hacking attempt)